We understand, boxing can be intimidating. But that’s EXACTLY WHY BLUEPRINT WAS CREATED. Our group training classes are 45-minutes of fitness boxing combined with high-intensity interval training & muscle-sculpting strength training. At BLUEPRINT you’ll lose yourself under our BLUE lighting while hitting our tear drop shaped, water-filled Aqua heavy bags. We are a fun, welcoming environment with the sole mission of making our #BLUECREW laugh, smile, sweat, succeed, accomplish, and share the amazing benefits of what we call Fitness Boxing. No boxing experience necessary; Our class is designed for all fitness and boxing levels. Each class can be modified and taken at your own pace so you can always turn the heat down (or up!) based on your fitness level. At BLUEPRINT, we have great TEAM members who will set you up for success! Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class so we can get you geared up, teach you the punches, and ensure your experience is a KO! So come “ESCAPE into the BLUE with us!